Aerie- The 75th Anniversary Eichler Home

They emerged out of nowhere in the green hills and meadows of places with bucolic names such as Sunnyvale, Lucas Valley and Thousand Oaks. Their broad, impossibly thin roofs alighted delicately in the landscape, covering Mondrian-esque compositions of mullion and window, wall and glass, room and courtyard. Their modern composition included space age technology and machinery-radiant heating, dishwashers, modern electric appliances- all the accouterments of gracious living in the new suburb of the space age. Now in 2025, on the 75th anniversary of the first Eichler home, a new model is introduced by the New Eichler corporation: The Aerie. Now longer bound to the earth, the suburb is transformed with introduction of new elevated pavilions in a forest. The Aerie maintains echoes of the classic Eichler profile, while also incorporating new structural and technical innovations. A hybrid structure of steel and sustainably harvested wood supports hyper-insulated structural paneled walls and advanced triple glazing. Solar panels cover the roof, and the barrel vaulted skylight has transparent solar chips embedded among its triple layers of glazing. Aerie proclaims a new suburban paradigm: Man's shelter rising above the earth to leave the ground free for living things.The traditional yard is transformed by the careful introduction of carbon neutralizing trees, a new wilderness for an hyper-urbanized century. Part tree house, and part Japanese lantern, the Aerie rests like a winged creature in a nest in the arboreal canopy, with views out to the treetops and the endless expanse of sky.

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